Charlies - 50ml

the family room rolling that days' newspaper and loaded them neatly in his entourage of satchels. One on each arm, two on his back and another in his lap. Charlie would deliver every paper flawlessly to his customers. Perfectly placed newspaper delivered directly to your door, always on time.

The town soon realized that Charlie could do it all and there was no need for competitors; he became the one and only paperboy. Every day when he would come home after his route, his dad would have freshly made deserts of all different flavors. His father had now placed a chalkboard in front of the retired bell where he would write his delightful recipes. There wasn’t a day that went by that Charlie didn’t glance at that special bell, stuck behind the chalkboard; it taunted him. He could not get the loud winning ring out of his head; he couldn’t even concentrate at school he was completely enchanted by these thoughts. The ring of the bell would not shut up, so one day, the third day in August to be exact, Charlie had enough. He left school early and went home to give that bell life again.

Charlie stared at the bell, now covered in years of chalk dust. So while eating some delicious and flavorful pastry that his dad had waiting for him,  it finally all made sense for him. Charlie picked up the giant bell and started ringing it as loud as he possibly could. It was clear to him now; he had just witnessed a life-altering, magical experience.

To be continued…


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